American Automobile Association (AAA) Armbands


It is unknown if AAA armbands from 1909-1936 were made of silk/satin, felt or a thin celluloid material. The majority* of known American Automobile Association (AAA) armbands from 1937-1955 are made of felt which means they are subject to damage from insects (moths) as seen in the 1940 below. The 1937 and 1938 white AAA armbands below are made of a thin celluloid type material with an elastic band to secure on ones arm. Felt armbands use tie strings for the same purpose. To distinguish the Speedway from other tracks that the AAA sanctioned, the "500" was sewn onto all* AAA armbands used at the Speedway.

We need pictures of AAA armbands from the Speedway for those years not shown. If you have any, please email a scan so it can be posted here on the site.


AAA armbands prior to 1930* were more than likely made of silk* like the one below (it is unknown when the transition to felt occurred). Although unknown what year or track this is from, based on photo evidence it is post 1925 but pre-WWII, and may have been used at the Speedway.


1937, 1938 and 1940, 1941


Note the unusual "Emergency Press Photographer"designation of the 1949 armband above.



Because of the fragile nature of felt armbands, many did not survive making most of them very rare, very tough to find and very desirable. AAA armbands after WWII do become easier to find, but are by no means easy to find.

* This information is to the best of our knowledge. If anyone has more information, please contact: NI500CC@NI500CC.COM