Except for 2009 and 2010, the event logo will appear on badges in one form or another through the present. The 2010 badge is a reproduction of the 1962 badge which depicted the "new" Main Gate used from 1956 through the early-1990's. The 2010 badge is larger than the 1962 badge and measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/2".

The 2011 badge features Ray Harroun in the Marmon Wasp taking the checkered flag in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911 with the 2011 event logo at middle right and the words "The Most Important Race In History" at the top. The 2011 badge measures 1 1/4" from the left edge to the edge of the tire at right and is a little over 1 2/3" tall.

The 2012 badge depicts the new Pagoda at center right with the words "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" at center left. Dimensions are a little under 2 3/4" wide by 2 1/4" tall (top of Pagoda).

For 2013 the badge depicts the city of Indianapolis behind the event logo. Dimensions are a little under 2 2/3" wide by 1" tall (top of skyscraper).

The 2014 badge measures 2 1/2" at its widest x 2 1/4 " tall.

The 2015 badge depicts the #2 Johnny Lightning Spl. driven by Al Unser to his first '500' win in 1970. Al was honored on Legends Day Saturday May 23rd. The badge measures 2" at its widest x 1 1/4" tall.

The 2016 badge measures 2” tip to tip by a little over 1” tall. For those who purchased a 2016 bronze badge through the mail, it was sent in a presentation box (heavy cardboard).


The 2017 measures 2” at its widest and 1 3/8” tall.

The 2018 badge measures 1 1/2” at its widest by a little over 1”

The 2019 badges celebrates Mario Andretti and the 50th anniversary of his 1969 Indianapolis 500 win. The badge measures 1 1/2” at its widest by a little under 1”.

Badges from 2010 to present are relatively easy to find with the badges from the current and year and year before usually available at the Speedway. The 2016 bronze badges sold out during the month of May and were difficult to find at first however, as they were sold out, that means there are a lot of 2016 bronze badges out there. Over time, the presentation boxes may get tough to find.

* This information is to the best of our knowledge. If anyone has more information, please contact: NI500CC@NI500CC.COM