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PAGE 5 - Newsletter #89 - Winter 2005


Notes From Goodwood
(from 2003)

Goodwood was blazing hot and very crowded as the organisers have moved from catering for enthusiasts to a bigger family audience. Higher prices, fewer cars and people everywhere didn’t stop me from enjoying the presence of some great cars, including my beloved Indycars. The programme listed:
* 1913 Peugeot L45 – 1916 winner
* 1916 Sunbeam – amazingly original – looked like it had just emerged from a barn – patina – and every component made by a blacksmith – a contrast to the delicate Peugeot which looked more like the Miller
* 1923 Miller 122GP
* 1938 Maserati
* 1946 Kurtis Kraft – “Governor Spl.”
* 1951 Stevens Offenhauser – “Jim Robbins Spl.”
* 1958 Maserati “Eldorado Spl.”
* 1963 Watson – Offy “Ol’ Calhoun”
* 1968 Lotus 56
* 1994 Penske Mercedes PC23
* 1967 Honda RA300 – the F1 built around a Lola Indy tub

Danny Sullivan drove the 1951 Stevens and Al Unser, Sr. drove the 1963 Watson. Al Sr and Al Jr drove the 1994 Penske
Add in the opportunity to meet Dan Gurney, almost unrecognised as he was in the motorcycle section running his Alligator motorcycle. Jim Hall sat quietly in his 2E in the outer paddock.


Snowberger's Done It Again - 1952 Cummins Diesel Car

By Greg Littleton

Member and artist John Snowberger has created another fabulous model. This time it is the famous Cummins Diesel Special that Freddie Agabashian put on the Pole in 1952.
A little history about the Cummins Diesel:
Following the 1951 500 Don Cummins and chief engineer Neve Reiners approached driver Fred Agabashian about an idea they had. They put a Coke case on the track and told Agabashian to sit on it. They told him that the new car they were planning would be that low. After some discussion Agabashian agreed to drive the new creation. It would also be the first vehicle to have a turbo charged power-plant. There had been nothing like it.
When the car arrived at the track the following spring the racing world was amazed. If first place had been awarded for looks alone, the Cummins Diesel would never have had to turn a wheel.
They stunned the racing world again when they won the Pole Position with a new track record. Not bad for a car with an engine designed to lay flat under the floor of a bus.

The Cummins Diesel Special

* All aluminum 3003 – .063 hand formed body.
* All steel frame assembly – torch welded together
* Front and rear brake drums
* Hand-made rudge style wire wheels
* Knock-offs
* Firestone style Deluxe Champion tires
* Dzus style body fasteners
* Steel grill assembly
* Side inlet scoops
* Hiem joint style rod ends
* Clutch housing, gear box shifter, and torque tube
* Gauges
* Aluminum seat
* Leather upholstery with styled snaps
* Cummins Diesel graphics
* Special two-tone base coat clear coat paint

Length 22 1/2”
Width 8 1/4” (axle end to end)
Height 4 3/4”

Each car of this very limited series of only 20 cars

Price is $3950.00

Handcrafted by John Snowberger son of famed Indy great Russ Snowberger

The Cummins Diesel Special
1952 Indianapolis Pole Winner

Please reserve a handcrafted 1/8 scale model of this famous car for:

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City __________________ State __________ Zip _______

Phone ( ) _____________________

Each car is priced at $3950.00. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your order. Upon receipt of deposit, an estimated build date and serial number will be issued. When your car is completed, the balance due is to be paid in full prior to shipment. Make checks payable to: John Snowberger. Mail order form and check to: P.O. Box 94, Fraser, MI 48026. Michigan residents add 6% sales tax.